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Our Routes

This Page contains links to our favourite training rides, sportive routes, Time Trials and other local events.

To download a route to a Garmin or other similar GPS device.  Click on one of the route distances below, you will then be taken to Bike Toaster.  Once in Bike Toaster  select the Summary tab at the top of the page.  In the Download plain give the Course a Name and then click on the selected file format next to download.  The file will be downloaded to your PC or Garmin device.  If you are using a Garmin I suggest you download to a tcx file and use Garmin training center to import the course and synchronize with your device.

For turn by turn route instructions, select the Cue Sheet Tab.  You can either Print direct from here or download to CSV format for editing in Excel.

Road PeaceTeam Gilet
Acton TT Course (Cycle Club Sudbury)
8.3 Miles
Brent Eleigh TT Course (Cycle Club Sudbury) 8.1 Miles
46 Miles
Colchester Loop (MTB) 30.3 Miles
Colchester Rovers Sportif 50 Miles
Hill House Wood (MTB)
12 Miles
Hitcham Hilly TT Course (Cycle Club Sudbury)
13.5 Miles
Lavenham 10 TT Course (Cycle Club Sudbury) 10 Miles
Pre Valentines Day Sportive (15 Mile Route)
15 miles
Pre Valentines Day Sportive (30 Mile Route) 30 Miles
Pre Valentines Day Sportive (45 Mile Route) 45 Miles
Pre Valentines Day Sportive (60 Mile Route) 60 Miles
Spring Lambs Sportive Route 150 km
Stuart's Hilly Hour 21 Miles
Stuart's Hilly 75 73 Miles
Tour of Britain Stage 7
151 km
VC Revolution Reliability Ride 50 Miles
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